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Questions ?

Here, we answer to the typical questions
regarding Cool Elements Please feel free to contact us
for any question that is not listed in this section.

Q : I accidentally ate Catch Cool (or Power Ice)! What should I do?

A : No worries. Catch cool and Power Ice are made of ingredients that are harmless to the environment and humans. It does not stay in our body nor upset your stomach. If a small child ate it, making him/her drink some water may help to ease uneasy feeling.

Q : What is Catch Cool made of ?

A : Generally, Cool Elements are made by making gel with water and small amount of superabsorbent polymer. Super absorbent polymer is a very common substance used for diapers etc. We added preservatives as safe as food additives. Without preservatives, mold may grow in the gel or contaminate food if bacteria should grow and break the package. Stabilizer helps water to freeze stably. As a result, the content hardly projects and breaks the package.

Q : How should I dispose Catch Cool ?

A : Simply put, Catch Cool is made of plastic and water. However, in some areas, it is treated as trash designated to a land fill since it lowers the temperature of the incinerator due to its high water content. Please ask the public office or waste management office in your area.

Q : Why do you use gel ?

A : Water freezes faster and stays frozen longer when it is purer. In other words, ice lasts longer if it is made of pure water. As we mentioned in "What is Cool Elements made of ? " , Cool Elements contains not only water but also chemicals; therefore, it does not last as long as regular ice, logically speaking. However, an actual lab test shows that the length of the time to completely melt is longer for cold insulator than regular ice.

Freeze Cool Elements and water of the same weight under the same condition. Once they are completely frozen, leave them in room temperature and observe. If you can, measure the temperature with thermometers.

The reason behind the fact that Cool Elements lasts longer than regular ice, is when regular ice melts, the melted water naturally circulates around the ice and accelerates the melting of the remaining ice. When you try to melt the ice in your glass, you shake the glass to stir the ice and water, don't you The same function occurs naturally by the circulation. On the other hand, Cool Elements is a gel, which does not cause circulation in the bag. For that reason, cold insulator takes longer to melt completely.